Weber GBS Wok Set

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Weber GBS Wok Set with Steaming Rack

Give dinner a healthy twist, and steam your fish and veggies on the barbecue or give your meal an Asian flare, and stir-fry outside.

The Wok Set includes a stainless steel steaming rack and lid, and a heavy-duty wok, so you can make your food as diverse as it is delicious. Crafted with porcelain-enamelled cast iron to prevent sticking and conduct searing-high heat on the barbecue, the wok is easy to clean and doesn’t require you to season it with oil, like raw cast iron.

The flat-bottomed wok is designed to be used with the Gourmet BBQ System cooking grate – just remove the circular grate insert, and pop in the wok to get a secure fit while you’re sautéing chopped veggies or simmering savoury soups.

The Wok Set fits most Weber gas and charcoal barbecue models that are equipped with GBS cooking grate