TopBuxus Health Mix - 10 tab

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Amazingly effective treatment for Buxus problems…

Topbuxus Health-Mix is a revolutionary natural tonic for keeping your Box bushes Blight free, healthy and strong. Developed by Europe’s largest Box grower for their own use we are now making this professional product available to all.

Tub of 10 tablets

How to use Topbuxus Health-mix?

Take one tablet out of its packet and drop into 1ltr of clean tap water. The tablet will fizz and bubble away until it is all dissolved – this will take approximately 10 minutes. Give the liquid a short stir and pour into your sprayer. 1ltr of Health-mix will be enough to treat 10m2 of Buxus hedge or plants.

  • Spray your Box plants all over, paying special attention to sick looking parts and if possible spray into the center of the plant to ensure any Blight spores hiding within are dealt with.
  • Do not use Topbuxus Health-mix if the temperature is over 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Avoid spraying Topbuxus Health-mix in wet weather, it is most effective when mild and dry.
  • Give your plants a second dose one week after the initial spray and thereafter spray once every six weeks throughout the rest of the growing season.
Product Ingredients:

NPK 8-0-0 + 5% MgO + 8% SO3 + 5%Cu, 8% N (nitrogen), 5% MgO (magnesium oxide)