Blueberry - "Northland"

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 Vaccinium 'Northland'

  • Northland blueberry is perfect for the colder climates
  • Early mid-season Northland Blueberry Plants are the most cold-hardy Northern Highbush Blueberry bush variety. 

Northland Blueberry Bush is easy to grow and adaptable to many different environments especially the colder climates. Northland is a very productive variety with fresh sweet flavours making this a perfect berry for baking because of their high sugar content. The bright yellow wood and compact shape makes Northland a good candidate for landscaping especially when grouped with other compact varieties like Patriot. Northland will grow to 4-6ft upright but spreading habit.

Where to Plant

Northland Blueberry bushes are best planted in full sun, well draining, moist soil.  Blueberries like acidic soil, pH 4.5-5.0 and soil can be amended with ericaceous compost before planting.